Project E-MOB – upcoming stakeholder meetings

One of the key elements of the Interreg Europe Programme and therefore the E-MOB project is disseminating project information among the stakeholder group: transport companies, municipalities, professional organizations, ministries to induce an exchange between the parties about the project topic, e-mobility. One of the planned meetings will be a discussion with the Managing Authority of the Integrated Transport Development Operational Programme concerning the Action Plan developed by Paks Transportation Ltd. (you can read more about the Action Plan here). Moreover, it is due to time to show the newly built garage and centre of operations of Paks Transportation Ltd. to transport companies and experts in the frame of a local meeting showing how the company operates and what experiences it had gained so far from planning to realizing the e-bus system of Paks. At a later stage, the Action Plan will be also presented to a professional audience as well.

We are looking forward to these intriguing events, we hope that many of the transport experts will be able to join us as well.