Promotional Bus Services

After the test operation ended on 31 December 2020, our company started to provide passenger transportation with the introduction of “promotional services” in January. The purpose of launching promotional services is to make the public aware of the new, environmentally friendly and noise-reducing vehicles and their future routes. As part of the promotion campaign, the service can be used free of charge.

Update: We stopped to operate promotional services. From now on, our buses run according to the schedule in effect. The service can be used by purchasing a ticket or pass according to the current tariff rates and in compliance with the travel terms and conditions in place.

Our promotional services run on prospective lines 2/DE and 2/DU on working days of the first full week of January (4 to 8 January).

Our promotional services carried passengers on line 1 on working days of the second week of January (11 to 15 January).

We started our promotional service on line 1/A on working days of the third week of January (18 to 22 January).

We started our promotional service on line 3 on working days of the last week of January (25 to 29 /Friday/ January)

Our company plans to run promotional services throughout January. Scheduled passenger transport will begin in early February. Once the promotional period is over, our services will only be available for fare payment.