Szentháromság Square is Passable Again

On 3 August 2021, the complete reconstruction of Szentháromság Square was brought to perfection. Our bus services began to pass through the square again, according to the former schedule.

From 1 March 2021, our bus services did not stop at Szentháromság tér due its closure. As buses running on Line 3 used to pass here earlier, we changed the schedule for the period of reconstruction works. As it is of importance to serve the quarter covered by Hidegvölgy, Haladás and Üstökös Streets, it was finally decided that, from 1 March, our vehicles would travel along Jámbor Pál Street as the only alternative route accessible for buses.

Source: TelePaks

Traffic restrictions were planned to last 6 months, but in the end they took only 5 months. Once reconstructed, the square was opened to vehicle traffic on 3 August.

With the restoration of the original timetable, Line 3 buses will depart from terminal Öreghegy utca at :45 every hour. Driving down the hill, buses that arrive at Szentháromság Square from stop Tavasz utca turn west to Petőfi Street and then stop there at a new stop called Petőfi utca. Stopping at each stop along Hidegvölgy Street, they return to Szentháromság Square where passengers will have the opportunity again to get on and off. Arriving from the opposite direction, from Szent István tér, our buses will cross Szentháromság Square and stop at the already mentioned Petőfi utca stop, then they will also stop at Szentháromság tér after passing along Hidegvölgy stops, before continuing towards Öreghegy via Deák Ferenc utca and Anna utca.

Another change is that bus services 3/B and 3/I will also stop at Szentháromság tér when they arrive from Öreghegy.