Bus Stop Bypassed

Please be informed that our services will miss Szentháromság tér stop during the expected 6-month period of the closure and reconstruction of Szentháromság tér. Traffic variations will take effect on 1 March 2021. Our services will continue to stop at all other pickup/dropoff locations.

According to the construction contract signed by the Mayor of Paks on 21 February 2021, the complete reconstruction of Szentháromság tér will soon begin. The area is expected to be taken over by the contractor on 1 March, and the works are estimated to take 6 months. During this time, the area will be closed to traffic. For further general information, visit TelePaks website or newscast.

Source: TelePaks

Only Line 3 of Paksi Közlekedési Kft. is affected by the closure. Buses running along this route will bypass Szentháromság tér stop, allowing no possibility for getting on or off there. Due to traffic restrictions, the route of the service will also change for the period above. Once the restriction is lifted, our services will, of course, return to their original route.

Variations are unavoidable due to the closure, but our company pays special attention to ensuring that no part of the city involved in public transport is left out of the service due to it. This means that our buses will hit streets during the transition period where residents are not otherwise accustomed to the presence of public transport. We ask local residents to pay attention, while on the road or parking and in general in their daily lives, to the fact that our buses will also run on Jámbor Pál Street in order to maintain our service coverage.

Buses departing from the bus terminal will make a left turn after the stop at Dózsa György út 32. (Post Office 1) into Kossuth Lajos Street and then, after a right turn, drive all along Jámbor Pál Street to turn into Petőfi Street. They hit Bástya utca, Üstökös utca and Nyár utca stops according to the usual order, then, riding along the previous route in the opposite direction, turn right to Jámbor Pál Street from Petőfi Street, to turn, at the end of it, into and drive down Kossuth Lajos Street, then turn left at the intersection on Dózsa György Street to stop on Szent István Square. Then, they drive on along Deák Ferenc Street and turn into Anna utca to complete the route of the service in the usual way.

Buses departing from terminal Öreghegy utca, drive down Munkácsy Mihály Street to make a left turn into Anna Street, which is temporarily made two-way due to the reconstruction, and then to make another left turn into Deák Ferenc Street and drive on Highway 6. From the highway, they arrive at Deák Ferenc Street behind Erzsébet Grand Hotel, where they turn left and stop at Szent István Square. After that, they drive along Kossuth, Jámbor and Petőfi Streets as described above. Finally, the service is completed in the usual manner, continuing with the stop at Dózsa György út 32. (OTP Bank).

As this route has a significantly longer service time, Main Line 3 services will depart from Öreghegy Street 2 minutes later in order to ensure smooth passenger pick-up flows and ticket sales.

Taking effect on 1 March 2021, the new stop list and departure times, introduced due to traffic variations, will be as follows.

Travel time (minute) Stop Travel time (minute)
0 Öreghegy utca 17
1 Munkácsy Mihály utca
Vegyesbolt 16
3 Tavasz utca 15
6 Szent István tér 13
7 Kossuth Lajos utca 12
10 Bástya utca
Nyár utca 10
11 Üstökös utca 9
12 Nyár utca
Bástya utca 8
14 Kossuth Lajos utca 5
15 Dózsa György út 32. 4
16 Orvosi rendelő
Orvosi rendelő 3
17 Gyógyfürdő 1
19 Autóbusz-állomás 0
Bus services departing from Bus Station
5:30 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30
11:30 12:30 13:30 14:30 15:30 16:30
17:30 18:30 19:30 20:30 21:30
Bus service departing from Öreghegy utca
5:47 6:47 7:47 8:47 9:47 10:47
11:47 12:47 13:47 14:47 15:47 16:47
17:47 18:47 19:47 20:47 21:47