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Partners meeting with Osijek


As part of our OPTI-UP project, we hosted the employees of the transport company of Osijek (Croatia) on Friday. At the all-day event, we jointly reviewed the challenges and possible solutions facing the cities of Paks and Osijek in the […] Read further

From Question to Collaborative Approach


What is OPTI-UP? In the beginning, a question emerged – and that question addressed how we can respond to the current challenges of public transportation: decline of customers, difficult long-term planning, and suburban connectivity gaps. These challenges aren’t isolated to […] Read further

Press release


The Interreg Europe project E-MOB is hosting a high-profile dissemination event titled “The Interreg Europe project E-MOB is hosting a high-profile dissemination event titled“, which will take place in Sibiu, Romania on May 11th, 2023. The event will bring together […] Read further

The first phase of E-MOB is coming to an end


The first phase of E-MOB ends on the 31st. This three years period supported exchange of experience between the international partners and focused on mutual learning. This manifested in Action Plans devised by each partners that describe how the chosen […] Read further

Action planning of the E-MOB project – with an outlook to the eBussed project


On July 22, 2022, a stakeholder discussion of the E-MOB Interreg Europe project took place online under the title “Action planning within the framework of the E-MOB project”. The focus of the discussion was the E-MOB action plan drawn up […] Read further

Marosvásárhely electric bus developments


On July 20, 2022, a stakeholder discussion of the E-MOB Interreg Europe project took place online under the title “Electromobility without borders”. The focus of the meeting was a round table discussion, which dealt with the low-emission public transport developments […] Read further

Final meeting of the first phase of the E-MOB project


Each partner briefly presented their action plan and preparedness for the second phase of the project, which will begin in the seventh semester of the project, i.e., from 01.08.2022. Also, the E-MOB: Lessons Learnt Guideline publication was presented. That guideline […] Read further

Stakeholder meeting of the E-MOB project – 27. June 2022.


On June 27, 2022, the new premises of Paksi Közlekedési Kft. (Paks Transport Ltd.) hosted the E-MOB stakeholder event, which was attended by nearly 30 professionals and those interested in the topic. The main developments of the E-MOB project in […] Read further

Project E-MOB – upcoming stakeholder meetings


One of the key elements of the Interreg Europe Programme and therefore the E-MOB project is disseminating project information among the stakeholder group: transport companies, municipalities, professional organizations, ministries to induce an exchange between the parties about the project topic, […] Read further

Electric transport, renewable energy – smart network elements in the developments of the period 2021-2027


On May 11, 2022, the stakeholder and information event of the E-MOB Interreg Europe project entitled “Electric transport, renewable energy – smart network elements in the developments of the period 2021-2027” took place online. The aim of the event was […] Read further

Interregional outlook on e-mobility – E-MOB Guidelines in the works!


Numerous topics regarding e-mobility had been explored by the partnership during the three years of joint activities in project E-MOB . This publication is a comprehensive summary of what e-mobility is, what EU-level strategies, policies, sectoral perspectives should be considered […] Read further

What can Interreg Europe projects achieve – Action Plans in a nutshell


Supporting exchange of experience between European regions is the primary goal of project E-MOB. The partnership, as demonstrated by Paks Transportation Ltd. on the 10th December 2020 during the 3rd Peer Review, showcase their experiences in terms electric transportation, electrical […] Read further

Kossuth Lajos street will be closed


At appr. 8:00 a.m. on March 8, 2022, Kossuth Lajos street is going to be fully closed. For the duration of the traffic obstruction our bus services will not stop at Kossuth Lajos utca. This change only affects line 2/DE. […] Read further

EV-Grid interaction in Vorarlberg, Austria


The focus of the 7th Peer Review was on the interaction between the electrical grid and electrical vehicles. As more and more vehicles are being charged in public and private charging locations, it is becoming more important how the grid […] Read further

7th peer review in Austria


In 2008/2009, Vorarlberg decided to cover 100% of its energy needs from renewables by 2050 including the whole mobility sector. Therefore, in 2008 the partly public-funded project VLOTTE started as one of the first measures of the model region for […] Read further

Road closed in Dunakömlőd


At appr. 1:00 p.m. on January 18th, 2022 the northern part of Szabadság út in Dunakömlőd is going to be fully closed. Until the traffic obstruction is removed (which is estimated to take 1,5 hours), our bus services will use […] Read further

Road closed for pipe rupture


On January 21, 2021, a water pipe rupture occurred around the crossing of Rákóczi and Kápolna streets. During the works, the affected portion of the road is fully closed. Until the traffic obstruction is removed, our buses use detour routes […] Read further

Last e-mobility webinar


On 14 December, the Policy Learning Platform held the final of its trilogy of e-mobility webinars, on integrating e-mobility into territorial planning. E-mobility will have a profound impact on the wider city, affecting the electricity grid and transport flows, and […] Read further

Holiday Greetings


Paksi Közlekedési Kft. wishes all its passengers and their loved ones a blessed Christmas as well as health, happiness and prosperity in the coming New Year 2022. 2021 was an exciting year for public transport in the City of Paks. […] Read further

Public Transport During the Holidays


We would like to inform our passengers that our company is introducing a 2021 year-end holiday service schedule for the bus services we operate.

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Photo Competition – Announcement of Results


In early October, VOLÁN Association announced its photo contest PUBLIC TRANSPORT THROUGH THE EYES OF A PHOTOGRAPHER to promote public transport. Our company has also published the call for the photo contest on its website. Enthusiastic amateurs and hobby photographers […] Read further

6th peer review


6th peer review was held in Koprivnica via an online platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. During peer review, Koprivnica presents examples of electromobility infrastructure that is implemented in the city. Peer review started at 9:00 with a Welcome and short […] Read further

Testing a Pure Electric Ikarus Bus


From 22 November, the general public of Paks can also travel on board electric buses made in Hungary.

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Kossuth Lajos Street Closed Again


From 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Tuesday, 23 November, Route 2/DE buses will run along an alternate route on Kereszt Street.

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E-MOB on Optitrans


On the 4 th of November 2021, PP5-University of Western Macedonia presented E-MOB project and its Good practices at the final event of Optitrans project, after an invitation of the Optitrans consortium. Further information: Associate Professor Dimitris Tsiamitros presented […] Read further

Another Crash on Highway 6


Another road accident occurred on Highway 6 between Dunakömlőd and Paks, resulting in potential delays and outages across the entire line network until the end of the accident scene investigation.

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Crash on Highway 6


A road accident occurred on Highway 6, between Dunakömlőd and Paks. For this reason, route 1 buses will run up to stop Anna utca only during the site investigation.

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Passengers Required to Wear Mask on Board Again


According to a Government Decree, wearing a face mask is mandatory again while traveling onboard public transport, including the local services of Paksi Közlekedési Kft. from 1 November 2021.

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The municipality of Kozani PV-charging stations and EVs


What is the problem addressed and the context which triggered the introduction of the practice? One bottleneck towards the integration of EVs in the public or private transportation sector is the absence of charging stations in the region. Moreover, to […] Read further

Departure Time for the Extraordinary Shuttle Service Changed


Taking into account requests from the traveling public, the scheduled departure time for the early morning extraordinary shuttle service departing from Dunakömlőd will change to 7:15 a.m. The extraordinary shuttle service will run all the way up to the Bus […] Read further

New Pedestrian Crossings


New pedestrian crossings will be designated in Táncsics Mihály Street between the Medical Center and the Bus Station. Due to work, there may be intermittent delays in the operation of our services.

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Photo Competition: Public Transport Through the Eyes of a Photographer


VOLÁN Association announces its photo contest PUBLIC TRANSPORT THROUGH THE EYES OF A PHOTOGRAPHER to promote public transport. Enthusiastic amateurs and hobby photographers are invited to the competition. The contest organizer is looking for an answer to what can arouse […] Read further

Good Practice in Interreg Europe projects


The main goal of Interreg Europe Programme is to support a structure learning process between European regions, Municipalities, organization in specific fields to achieve an improvement in policy instrument. Good Practices serve as the main pillar of the mutual learning: […] Read further

Back to the School Term Schedule


On 1 September 2021, we will switch back to the schedule valid for the school term. All the relevant changes are summarized below.

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“Nemo” the electric bus and the adaptation of its operating system


Named Nemo, in honour of Jules Verne, the new buses connect the city centre, employment centres, leisure areas and major metropolitan facilities. The 43 electric buses represent the largest acquisition of this type of equipment in Europe. They do not […] Read further

Szentháromság Square is Passable Again


On 3 August 2021, the complete reconstruction of Szentháromság Square was brought to perfection. Our bus services began to pass through the square again, according to the former schedule.

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Bus Service to the Pool


Changing the route of Line 1 buses, one bus per hour will drive to the pool at Ürgemező with effect from 24 July 2021.

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4th E-MOB partner meeting online


Another partner meeting was held on the E-MOB project. The partner meeting was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was attended by representatives of all partners involved in the project. At the partner meeting, the situation related to […] Read further

Without a Mask


As the five and a half millionths has been vaccinated, the Government decided that passengers are not required to wear a mask when using public transport from 3 July.

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4th partner meeting online


Another partner meeting was held on the E-MOB project. The partner meeting was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was attended by representatives of all partners involved in the project. At the partner meeting, the situation related to […] Read further

The Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform brings together e-mobility projects, such as E-MOB


On 19 May 2021, the Policy Learning Platform organised an online discussion on the topic of e-mobility. The aim of this meeting was to bring together all Interreg Europe projects working on e-mobility – E-MOB, EMOBICITY, EV Energy, eBussed, e-MOPOLI, […] Read further

Switching to Summer Schedule


Paksi Közlekedési Kft. switches to summer schedule for the period of summer holidays, from 16 June to 31 August 2021.

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Schedule Adjusted to Passengers’ Request


From 1 May, 2021 on, Paksi Közlekedési Kft. will change departure times of 6 of its bus services in response to requests from the passengers in order to serve the traveling public to their even greater satisfaction.

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5th Peer Review in Romania, organized by the Centru Region Development Agency


5th peer review was held online on 21. April 2021. in Alba, Romania. On peer review, our project partner from Romania (Municipality of Brașov) was present one of good practice – Electric public transport networks – trolleybus systems upgrade. The […] Read further

Reopening Elementary Schools


From the reopening of elementary schools on 19 April lower grade students will travel for free on local services of Paks until the end of the month.

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Awareness raising for the deployment of e-buses interregional learning event was held


On 31 March 2021, STRIA South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. (STRIA) organized its second online interregional learning event for the eBussed project. In addition to representatives from the partner regions, Hungarian and foreign stakeholders from the public transport […] Read further

Pass Refunds


We would like to inform the traveling public that our company’s Business Policy provides for the possibility of redeeming passes once purchased.

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Construction of Service Hall and Office Building Begins


Construction of the service hall to serve the bus fleet providing public transport services in Paks, a bus wash and the office building of Paksi Közlekedési Kft. is started with the conclusion of a contract in March 2021 and the […] Read further

4th Peer Review in Kozani, Greece, organized by the University of Western Macedonia


The fourth Peer review was held online due to the coronavirus epidemic. This time, the host of the peer review was our partner from Greece, from the town of Kozani. In addition to the partners, the meeting was attended by […] Read further

Bus Stop Bypassed


Please be informed that our services will miss Szentháromság tér stop during the expected 6-month period of the closure and reconstruction of Szentháromság tér. Traffic variations will take effect on 1 March 2021. Our services will continue to stop at […] Read further