Good Practice in Interreg Europe projects

The main goal of Interreg Europe Programme is to support a structure learning process between European regions, Municipalities, organization in specific fields to achieve an improvement in policy instrument. Good Practices serve as the main pillar of the mutual learning: in the specific field the project is exploring partners are presenting what works in their region so other regions might adapt these practical examples. The template for that is formulated in a way that allows partners to present their good examples: what is the project is about, what kind of resources they used and why is it successful. Then a short summary describes how and why it can translated to other regions’ public policies.

During the implementation of a project, partners should gain a general understanding of the state-of-play in each region regarding the specific sector they are working on in the project. That also allows to identify development and improvement needs of each region, so partners also understand what challenges need to be addressed. This is where the most important step of the mutual learning should occur: presenting Good Practices, success stories to other regions, therefore offering actionable knowledge on what can be done to address these issues. These are shared in the form of Good Practices, which are also publicly available, so not only project partners, but other can gain from this knowledge.

The Good Practices collected in the E-MOB project can be found at:, and you can navigate your way from there to learn from other projects as well.