Testing a Pure Electric Ikarus Bus

From 22 November, the general public of Paks can also travel on board electric buses made in Hungary.

Today, i.e. 22 November, we start testing of an alternatively powered (fully electric) city bus model Ikarus 120e that the Hungarian manufacturer provided to Paksi Közlekedési Kft. for the performance of a test run within the framework of an agreement signed with our company. The aim of the test is to get first-hand experience of the vehicle as a possible model for future fleet expansion if it meets our needs under real traffic conditions, as well.

To this end, the bus will soon be involved in the performance of public service tasks, and is expected to travel as a scheduled service as early as this week. This will, of course, be preceded by a training of the prospective bus drivers to be provided by the manufacturer in the model-specific characteristics of the bus. Then, we are going to perform an in-house test run before putting it into service so that our passengers can give it a try.

We welcome passengers’ views, opinions and comments on the vehicle, which can be submitted to us by selecting “Opinion on Vehicle by Ikarus” of the form on Contact page. Comments will be collected, taken into account in selecting the model and shared anonymously with the manufacturer if necessary.