Crash on Highway 6

A road accident occurred on Highway 6, between Dunakömlőd and Paks. For this reason, route 1 buses will run up to stop Anna utca only during the site investigation.

UPDATE: Congestion cleared upon the completion of at-site process, and our bus schedules restored at 1:30 p.m.

All lanes have been closed for site investigation; passenger traffic is diverted. As the diversion road is unsuitable for bus traffic, our buses on Line 1 will, while traffic restrictions are in place, run up to Anna utca only in the direction of Dunakömlőd. On their way back, our services will first stop at Szent István tér and wait to align with their scheduled travel time. It is not yet possible to estimate in advance how much time at-scene process will take, but as soon as the obstacle is cleared, our bus schedules will be restored immediately.

Photo courtesy of Police Headquarters of Tolna County