Photo Competition – Announcement of Results

In early October, VOLÁN Association announced its photo contest PUBLIC TRANSPORT THROUGH THE EYES OF A PHOTOGRAPHER to promote public transport. Our company has also published the call for the photo contest on its website. Enthusiastic amateurs and hobby photographers were invited to the competition. The contest organizer was looking for an answer to what can arouse the greatest attention and interest of those who use public transport.

A total of 1,525 applications were received, with 4,378 photos submitted, by the deadline set for the photo contest “Public Transport Through the Eyes of a Photographer”, which was announced as the first step of the promotional campaign for public transport.

Applications received were judged and evaluated by a professional jury of 5 that made its impartial decision with a view to ensuring fair competition. Along with the winning applications, the final result can be found at

Winner of the category “Meeting of public transport vehicles”. Photo by Ádám Kóródy.