The municipality of Kozani PV-charging stations and EVs

  • What is the problem addressed and the context which triggered the introduction of the practice?

One bottleneck towards the integration of EVs in the public or private transportation sector is the absence of charging stations in the region. Moreover, to prove the CO2 emission reduction, the charging stations should be supported by solar panels.

  • How does the practice reach its objectives and how it is implemented?

The three EVs of the municipality are now used by the personnel of the technical service for visiting construction and maintenance works sites. Most of the routes are urban, therefore, the reduction of the urban carbon footprint of the project is achieved. Moreover, since the charging stations are supported by solar panels, the CO2 emissions of the municipality are reduced. One full charge per day comes from solar energy (almost 35 kWhs). One fast charger is obtained (11 kWs) and three slow chargers (3,6 kWs) were constructed and supplied to the site by the University. 9 kWp solar panels produce energy in connection with a battery capacity of 28 kWhs.

Resources needed

The funding for the supply of the EVs was originated from the Regional Development Fund (a compensatory fund of the Public Power Corporation). The EV-charging station was designed and implemented by the University of Western Macedonia. The amount of funding was 30.000 Euro for the charging station.

Evidence of success

At least one of the EVs per day is fully-charged by the solar panels (almost 35 kWhs per day), leading to almost 15 kgs of CO2 emission saving per day.

Potential for learning or transfer

The specific good practice shows the potential of universities to act as technical support in the green transport sector for the municipalities, in cases of insufficient funding. Moreover, it is a living – lab showing that the staff mobility needs can be CO2- free, if the EVs are charged by solar energ and the municipalities invest in self-consumption solutions.

Further information