Construction of Service Hall and Office Building Begins

Construction of the service hall to serve the bus fleet providing public transport services in Paks, a bus wash and the office building of Paksi Közlekedési Kft. is started with the conclusion of a contract in March 2021 and the transfer of the construction site.

As it is the City of Paks that has won EU funds for the purchase of electric buses, the buses are, of course, owned by the city. Also, the Municipality undertook to create and provide the infrastructure that enables the task to be performed. One of the essential infrastructure elements is the battery charging system, which was completed earlier, as it was essential for launching the public transport service. The next element of similar importance is the design and construction of the service hall and office building. The design and construction project is therefore managed the Paks Mayor’s Office, and our company will receive it for use and operation when it is completed.

On behalf of the city, Deputy Mayor Zoltán Szántó signed the construction contract on 1 March 2021 with the representative of HGT Invest Kft. that won the construction works of the project through a public procurement procedure. Site handover took place the next day, on 2 March.

The site itself is located at the southern exit of Highway M6, north of roundabout Nagydorog-Biritó on the western side. The two-storey office section of the building complex will be located closest to the exploration road. Employees of our company will work here. Service premises for drivers and mechanics (changing rooms, washrooms, lounges) will be located on the lower level. Dispatchers will work on the upper level, with back office staff, including the company’s financial, personnel and IT personnel, as well as the management and meeting rooms also taking place here.

Moving further inside the site, a 2-bay service hall with a brake bench and lifting equipment is under construction behind the offices. Here, our company will be able to carry out minor repair and maintenance work on the vehicles handed over to us for operation. Warranty repair and overhaul procedures for our current bus fleet will, of course, continue to be performed by Solaris, through subcontractors selected and commissioned under a contract with the city. The winning contractor will also construct a bus wash next to the hall.

The service hall section of the building complex will have a lightweight sandwich panel structure, while the office section a flat roof design, reinforced with masonry monolithic structures. The two-storey office building will have a total useful floor area of more than 400 sqm, the hall 200 sqm and the bus wash almost 100 sqm according to the construction plans. The work was undertaken by the contractor with a deadline of 270 days.

Already complete, a recharging park is situated behind the building complex. The Municipality will design the entire complex so that the site created by land consolidation will be suitable for serving the gradually expanding vehicle fleet, with the installation of additional modular infrastructure elements and structures.

TelePaks’ new magazine, PaksON, also reported on the construction works under way at Paksi Közlekedési Kft’s site.

Source: TelePaks