Public Transport Workgroup Met Again

The public transport workgroup set up by the Municipal Council of the City of Paks held its second meeting on 26 October 2020.

Taking into account the requests of the representatives made at the first meeting, experts of Paksi Közlekedési Kft. have revised the draft line network and timetable during the few days that have passed since then. On this meeting, delegates of the Municipal Council presented the newly developed versions to municipal representatives Ms. Klára Pálmai and Mr. Árpád Mezősi.

Our colleagues said that they had examined the possibility of covering the parts of town proposed by the representatives and, in addition to involving these areas in the line network, also rescheduled bus services to make it easier for primary school children living there to get to school and back home.

The workgroup also discussed the possibility of renaming some stops but, for the time being, the Company’s experts still think it would be reasonable to keep the names used by Volánbusz Zrt. in order to be able to operate a common route planner and timetable finder.

After discussing all relevant transport management and service preparation issues, the workgroup concluded that it had carried out the task assigned to it by the Council. Then, the representatives present asked Paksi Közlekedési Kft. experts to prepare the necessary materials for the Municipal Council, so that local public transport line network, timetable and tariff regime issues could be put on the agenda at the next Council meeting.

(Earlier, we also reported on the first meeting of the workgroup.)