The Workgroup Set Up

The first meeting of the dedicated municipal workgroup in charge of working out local public transport policies was held on 19 October 2020. The function of the workgroup is to prepare the municipal and board decisions necessary for the preparation of transport management and service provision tasks, with the aim that professionally sound proposals developed by our Company and agreed in advance can be submitted to the Council.

The Municipal Council established the workgroup by Decision No. 198/2020 (X. 7.) passed at its meeting on 7 October 2020. Members of the workgroup are municipal representatives Ms. Klára Pálmai and Mr. Árpád Mezősi of the Council, on the one hand, and executive director Zoltán Szabó, Mr. István Király and Mr. Zsolt Nemeskéri of Paksi Közlekedési Kft., on the other hand.

The main topic for the first meeting was the development of the line network and a timetable of the bus services to be operated by Paksi Közlekedési Kft. This is an essential central element of the decision-shaping process which significantly determines whether or not our customers throughout the city will be satisfied with the quality of the public transport services provided. The Company has prepared a proposal for the meeting that, to this end, outlines a significant level of overservice along with optimized pricing, which will hopefully make public transport an attractive alternative to car traffic, which causes constant congestion on city streets. Our plan would, within a year, roughly triple the number of services operated, with the line network also covering areas currently not involved in public transport services. Our colleagues presented in detail the proposal based on a study by the Institute for Transport Sciences, i.e. the route of each service, the prospective locations of bus stops, conditions to be met for the installation of bus stops, timing of services and follow-up times. Several requests and comments were made at the meeting regarding the above, which we will try to review and comply with if possible.

At the next meeting, the members of the workgroup will have an opportunity to get to know and comment in depth on the tariff regime proposed by Paksi Közlekedési Kft. and, in this context, the Company’s Business Policy to be adopted.

Once the workgroup adopts its final decision on all issues on the agenda, they will be brought before the Municipal Council. When approved by the Council, all this information will be published on our website so that the entire population of the city can get to know it in a timely manner.

The workgroup meeting was also reported on TelePaks Kistérségi Televízió’s (TelePaks Micro-Regional Television) newscast on 20 October 2020.

News material: Courtesy of TelePaks Médiacentrum Nonprofit Kft.
Source: TelePaks